Bunk beds on a budget...

Howards Mountain Lodge caters for EVERY type of economy traveler! Our basic bunk rooms have comfy beds and come in 4/6/8 bed configurations. And you still have access to a well stocked kitchen and large lounge with fireplace.

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Cheapest in town!
Bed/Room Details

Our dorm rooms are warm and comfy no matter the weather. All your linen is supplied - sheets, pillows and duvet. Two (2) well stocked shared kitchens have everything you need. All crockery and cutlery is supplied as well as kettles, microwaves and ovens. Store your food in bins that are supplied and keep your veggies cold in the fridge. Kick back in one of our beautiful lounges and warm your toes by the fire with a movie playing.

Other Rooms/Beds
Private Twin Room - Standard

Dorm rooms full? Want to spoil yourself tonight? How about a private twin room? Our private standard rooms have either 2 single beds or 1 double bed. With access to the same shared facilities - showers, kitchen/dining and our spacious lounges!

Double Ensuite Room

Really spoil yourself tonight with a private room AND your own private bathroom. You will still have access to our well stocked kitchens and the roaring fire in one of our lounges!